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Signed Copy Classic Patterns for CinDwood Fine Gauge Looms


A signed copy of a 8"x10", paperback, matter finish book. Please allow for 1 to 2 weeks to recieve the book.

This is a pattern book created for the CinDwood first fine gauge looms, the 56 peg 1/4" and 40 peg 3/8" gauge.


All patterns accept the toe socks are written for both looms.


I used Red Heart Boutique Unforgetable, Red Heart Cutie Pie, Lions Brand Heartland, Lions Brand Landscape yarns for this book. And each patterns takes about a skein, accept for the boot cuffs.


These are basic patterns that will come with video tutorials as well as some picture tutorials. The basic patterns can be spruced up with any other stitch pattern you might want to try, this is a great book for a base to start from to give it your own twist. Go wild and have fun!!!

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