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Creative Loom Knitting

This page will be dedicated to a new venture I am embarking on. This will have my poetry I have written in art form and will include a link to a youtube playlist that you can listen to me read the poetry. I have chosen to do this series as I have received wonderful feedback from my other social medias and in the past have had many compliment me on my soothing voice.

I have chosen to keep the videos on minimal adds so that the flow of the playlist will have a smooth flow and sound. Also the playlist will start with my newest poetry but will eventually work into some of my much older works. Please feel free to leave feedback on this venture as it will help me with any changes that need to be made. 

It will take time putting up content as the process to turn a poem into image is usually a week. Oddly enough the video process works the opposite of my loom knitting. That is that faster part.

If you like a poem very much and want a print please visit my Fine Art America page as it offers much in the way of options you can have the poem on a number of items. Also feel free to explore the gallery.

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